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What kind of companies do you work with?2020-04-17T10:09:31+00:00

We create websites for any kind of business (small, medium, large) and from any industry. Your business needs an online presence, and we are here to help.

What do I need to get started2020-04-17T10:12:08+00:00

You will need content: logo, text, images, videos, etc. In the case of the images, we can offer you sources (free or paid), from where to choose, or we can choose them for you (from our own sources).

In addition, you will need a domain and hosting. In case of need, we can offer you options for hosting companies.

How long does it take?2020-04-17T10:12:16+00:00

We will deliver the first concept within 2 weeks of receiving the complete content (logo, text, images).

Subsequently, two review stages will follow, and the duration will be influenced by the date in which we receive the feedback. We will make all the changes within 3 working days, from the date of receiving the revisions.

I have an older website. Do you also do re-designs?2020-04-17T10:12:26+00:00

Yes of course. Part of our successfully completed projects involved re-designing old websites, which no longer corresponded to the current requirements.

Do you offer hosting?2020-04-17T10:12:33+00:00

No, we only create websites. However, we can offer recommendations of hosting companies, with whom we had pleasant experiences.

On what platform will the website be built?2020-04-17T10:12:49+00:00

We work exclusively with WordPress.
Why? Here are the reasons:

  • it is the most popular content management system;
  • it is very versatile;
  • it is easy to use by customers after the website is live;
  • there is a lot of information available online;
  • the software is free.
What does responsive website mean?2020-04-17T10:12:59+00:00

Your website will be accessed from a variety of devices: mobile phone, tablet, laptop, PC, or even TV. For this reason, it is important that the user experience does not have to suffer, regardless of how the website is accessed.

A responsive website will adapt to any type of screen. All web design projects that we carry out take into account this aspect.

How many revisions will I get?2020-04-17T10:14:02+00:00

In general, we work with 2 rounds of changes. In the case of larger projects, their number may increase.

How do I get in possession of my website?2020-04-17T10:13:27+00:00

In the concept and revision phases, the website will be uploaded to our host, in order to be tested.

After the last changes are made, the site will be moved to the client’s host. The client will receive the login data for the administration dashboard and instructions on how to use it.

Will I be able to make changes to the website by myself?2020-04-17T10:14:23+00:00

Yes. This is one of the reasons why we work with WordPress. In addition, we provide all the information you need to manage your website by yourself.

How do I maintain the website in optimal conditions?2020-04-17T10:15:11+00:00

The software that powers the website will receive regular updates. These updates solve certain security issues, eliminate bugs and bring improvements. It is very important that these updates are made on time, for the website to work in optimal conditions. And backups. It is very important to make regular backups to your site files and database.

If you do not have time, we can help you.

How much does a website cost?2020-04-17T10:15:27+00:00

Each project is different and for this reason we cannot set a fixed price. We have, however, 3 standard packages, with different starting prices, which give an overview of our web design offer for business sites.

Will there be other costs after the collaboration is over?2020-04-17T10:15:43+00:00

In general, no. The only costs will be those with the domain and hosting. However, there are also situations in which premium modules will be used, which involve a monthly or annual subscription. In these cases, the costs will be discussed before using the modules.

When and how do I pay?2020-04-17T10:16:08+00:00

The payment will be divided into two tranches (30% at the signing of the contract, 70% at the delivery of the website) and will be made by bank transfer.

Do you do SEO?2020-04-17T10:16:19+00:00

When creating a website, we take into account the best practices in SEO (Search Engine Optimization On-page), but we do not write content and we don’t do keyword research.

SEO is very broad, and search engine algorithms take into account many factors in displaying results. There are agencies that deal strictly with search engine optimization (SEO Off-page).

We only do web design.

How do I get to the first position in Google?2020-04-17T10:16:27+00:00

We can help you to be found by the brand name in the search engines, but we do not guarantee the first position. If someone guarantees this, he/she is either lying or doesn’t know what he/she is talking about.

In order to be found after certain keywords, you will need to call an SEO agency.

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