11 ways to improve the load speed of your WordPress website

Website speed is a sensitive topic these days. We don't like to wait and when a website takes too long to load, we immediately leave it for a better option. This can have repercussions in other areas, from fewer sales, to lower positions in search results. If you want to [...]

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WordPress Security – 10 tips for a secure website

Some common questions these days are "how to keep your WordPress website secure" or "how to avoid your WordPress website being hacked". These are good questions because all websites are under a constant attack from bots and hackers and WordPress security is an important topic. They search for all kind of vulnerabilities [...]

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10 things to do after installing WordPress

WordPress is famous for it's 5 minute install. That's how much you actually need to install a new WordPress website. However, that does not mean that after these 5 minute, the website is ready to be shown to the public. There are more things you need to do after you [...]

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7 WordPress plugins you should consider for your website

WordPress is a great platform for creating a blog. You have everything you need in order to start writing your first articles. However, if you want to extend the functionality of your website, you will need to install different plugins, based on your needs. While some WordPress plugins are free, [...]

How to easily create your first WordPress website

So you have decided you want to create your first website, using WordPress (here are the pros and cons if you are not yet convinced), but you don't know where to begin. In this article you will learn how to install WordPress locally, on your computer, design the website and [...]

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